This business is simple. It’s definitely not always easy!!!! But it’s simple.

It takes us doing a couple of key activities, each and every week! Consistently. Week in and week out. That’s the crux of it.

Once you get past your initial “warm market” and your “low hanging fruit,” some people get stuck with how to keep growing their business, on an on-going basis! But not you!! Our team’s Weekly Checklist simplifies it for you. {pdf version; word document}

Print out blank copies and put them in a “sanity binder” (to help keep yourself organized.) And start working from a new one each week. Get good and consistent with planting these seeds….and you’re going to be unstoppable!

Take it a step further and find an Accountability Buddy or two. Make a commitment to send a copy of your completed Checklist to each other each week. Or better yet, send a message to each other each day, sharing what IPAs (income-producing activities) you did. That extra accountability will help you grow your business by leaps and bounds!

Click on the link to watch the video for each part of the Weekly Checklist, for more help! Learn the “why’s” and “how’s.” 


Your Sales and Marketing Funnel
(full of amazing leads)

  • What is a Funnel and why is it so important? And how can you have an amazing Funnel, while predominantly using Facebook?  [Click here: VIDEO]

Weekly IPA Checklist

IPA’s (Income-Producing Activities)

  • 2-3 Facebook messages a day (about 15 posts a week) [Click here: VIDEO]
  • 1 FB live a week [Click here: VIDEO]
  • Send Happy Birthday messages (daily, or weekly) [Click here: VIDEO]
  • Engage with people in your newsfeed [Click here: VIDEO]   
  • Send 10 new friends requests (2 a day/10 a week) [Click here: VIDEO]
  • Send personal (non Plexus) messages to at least 25 people a week (5 a day/25 a week) [Click here: VIDEO]
  • Do 5-25 bold reach outs a week (1-5 a day/25 a week) [Click here: VIDEO]
  • Do at least 15 follow-back-arounds a week (3 a day/15 a week) [Click here: VIDEO]

Taking Care of Current Business

  • Check in with 5-10 customers a week [Click here: VIDEO]
  • Check in with 2-5 business builders a week [Click here: VIDEO]

Mindset and Training

{Click on the image below, to download the Weekly Checklist as a pdf document.}