We’ve created your “Power Start” checklist for your first 30-45 days, so you know exactly what to do to get your business going. Simply “put your blinders on” and follow the steps…1 through 6! Click here: http://diamondsintraining.com/power-start/

Also, here’s a link to all the key resources you’ll need to get started: bit.ly/highwaytodiamond This is going to make your life a zillion times easier, so definitely take the time to go through the resources included within this link!

New Ambassador Training

Watching your New Ambassador Training videos is Step #5 in your Power Start checklist. But here they are:
——> Part 1: The realities of this business and Network Marketing (16:30 minutes)

——> Part 2: Your website, back office, etc. (7:50 minutes)

——> Part 3: Ways to grow your business (17:11 minutes)

——> Part 4: The compensation plan, how you get paid, etc. (24:33 minutes)